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Leak Detection

Cylinders and gas for HVAC&R systems.

The leak detection solution consisting of a non-flammable mixture of Nitrogen and Hydrogen designed for use in leak detection for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration systems and Plumbing. Hydrogen is an ideal leak detection medium due to its exceedingly small molecular size and low viscosity; this allows it to escape easily through any leak in greater volume than other gases aiding detection. The combustible Hydrogen which is explosive in a wide mix range with air, is diluted to a degree where the mixture is neither explosive or combustible and is therefore safe for use as a test gas.



Dimension C Size D Size E Size F Size G Size
Volume 0.5m3 1.6m3 3.9m3 - 8.1m3
Height Approx 54cm 75cm 105cm - 163cm
Diameter 11cm 17cm 21cm - 25cm
Weight 5.5kg 20kg 39kg - 80kg
Gas Pressure 16,500kPa/2400psi 16,500kPa 16,500kPa - 16,500kPa

Benefits of Tracer Gas Leak Detection

It is a scientific, reliable and time-tested system offering prominent advantages over other conventional less delicate leak detection testing methodologies. The distinct benefits that place it on an elevated pedestal include:
• Fast and more effective leak detection solution
• Ideal solution for all types of gas and water leaks, including tiny leaks in too difficult to access places
• Detects leaks much smaller than with other methods
• Best for isolated, dark and confined locations with restricted access for inspection
• Particularly convenient for finding leaks in difficult to access areas where leak detection spray is difficult to apply
• Great detection rating, shunning any guesswork
• One of the quickest testing methods, because of fast dissipating speed can save you time on the job
• Safe gas, does not react with water, no risk to public health and water quality
• Non-flammable and non-toxic
• Environmentally friendly method for leak detection


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