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Welding forms a critical part of many industrial and construction processes. The quality of the weld is dependent on the application of the right techniques and the right welding gas or gas mixes.

As a leading supplier of welding gas in Perth, Argon Xpress has a range of welding gas bottles for purchase or exchange. We can exchange speedgas and other brand bottles that come from the same system. 


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About Us

Argon Xpress has its origins in the automotive air-conditioning gas market which has been operating for over 12 years in WA and is located in O’Connor, Perth.

Over the years this business has expanded and as a response to an unmet market in WA, started selling the rent free cylinder exchange for industrial gases. Argon Xpress became the Speed Gas distributor in WA and provides its products to a range of users in the retail sector, domestic market and workshop service providers.

Today Argon Xpress offers a wide and always expanding range of gas products, which includes Argon, Argon Mixes, Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Beer Gas and others.

Argon Xpress is also a cylinder wholesaler as well as a gas supplier. Therefore Argon Xpress can sell cylinders to you outright. This is one way you can avoid paying ongoing rental on your cylinders. 

Welding Gas Supply

Our welding gas bottles include Argon Gas (TIG), Argon 5/2 Gas (MIG), Oxy Acetylene, CO2 Bottles, Nitrogen Gas and Oxygen Bottles.

Each different type of welding gas has unique properties to meet different purposes and kinds of welding. Outlined below is more detail on the welding gas bottles and other gas bottles we supply.

Argon welding gas

Argon welding gas acts to shield and protect a weld area, preventing it from reacting with other gases or substances such as oxygen, nitrogen, and vapour from water. This colourless, odourless, non-flammable and non-toxic inert gas is used not just in welding but also other high-temperature industrial situations that can result in typically non-reactive substances becoming reactive.

We provide Argon Gas for TIG welding and Argon 5/2 Gas for MIG welding.

Oxy Acetylene Welding Gas Bottles

This flammable and colourless gas has a distinct smell and is used in a wide range of industrial applications, including cutting, thermal spraying, carbon coating, spot-heating, texturing, and flame heating, gouging, hardening, cleaning and straightening.

It is one of the most common, efficient and versatile welding gases, providing localised heating with minimal thermal loss. Oxy acetylene, while it is the hottest of all fuel gases, has low ignition energy and low moisture content, making it appropriate for underground work.

CO2 Gas Bottles

CO2 gas isn’t just a welding gas, it has a wide range of applications, particularly in the hospitality industry.

CO2 gas is used in beer, wine, cider, soft drink and cider dispensing and carbonation. CO2 gas provides the pressure needed to supply a liquid from its storage source. It plays a critical role in carbonation, beer head retention and can help preserve a product and extend its shelf life. We supply food grade CO2 gas across the Perth area.

CO2 gas is also used in other applications such as fire extinguishers, swimming pools and chemical feedstock.

Nitrogen Gas

Our nitrogen gas cylinders come in a range of different sizes to suit the many different purposes and applications this product is used for.

Nitrogen is an important gas for food production and hospitality industries. It assists in food preservation and minimising oxidation in the canning and sealing of food products. Similarly, nitrogen is used in the bottling of beverages like wine and beer, purging the bottles before and after filling.

When mixed with CO2, nitrogen is used in the dispensing of beer, carbonating and pressurising the keg.

Nitrogen gas is also used for laser cutting and in motor racing equipment.

Oxygen Welding Gas Bottles

Oxygen is commonly mixed with other welding gas types in applications that require an extremely hot flame. It is often used for metal cutting and heating, with the oxygen enabling materials like steel to be melted at a room-temperature environment.

For all of your welding gas supply and other gas bottle needs contact the experts in welding gas in Perth, Argon Xpress.


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