Argon Xpress has its origins in the automotive air-conditioning gas market which has been operating for over 12 years in WA and is located in O’Connor, Perth.

Over the years this business has expanded and as a response to an unmet market in WA, started selling the rent free cylinder exchange for industrial gases. Argon Xpress became the Speed Gas distributor in WA and provides its products to a range of users in the retail sector, domestic market and workshop service providers.

Today Argon Xpress offers a wide and always expanding range of gas products, which includes Argon, Argon Mixes, Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Beer Gas and others.

Argon Xpress is also a cylinder wholesaler as well as a gas supplier. Therefore Argon Xpress can sell cylinders to you outright. This is one way you can avoid paying ongoing rental on your cylinders.