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Argon TIG Gas Bottles

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Argon Gas Bottle Supply

We are a leading Argon bottle supplier to industry and businesses in the Perth area.

Argon plays an essential part in many industrial processes. It is a non-reactive noble gas which is particularly useful in welding and cutting processes. When used to protect arc welding from oxidisation and metal splatter, argon is often mixed with other atmospheric gases.

Argon Xpress leads in the supply of argon gas bottles for sale or exchange in Perth. We don’t just supply our own argon bottles, we also exchange other brands that come from the same system and we do speedgas exchanges too.

Our Argon Bottle Products

Our argon gas bottles include Argon Gas (TIG) and Argon 5/2 Gas (MIG). Argon gas has no colour or odour. It is non-toxic and non-flammable. It is an inert gas that is used as a shield in TIG and MIG welding. Argon protects the welded joint from reacting with water vapour, oxygen or carbon dioxide, keeping the weld clear of pollutants.

Is this an exchange?

We exchange speedgas and other brand bottles from the same system.

Height Approx54cm75cm105cm-163cm
Weight (Full)6kg20kg42kg-84kg
Outlet ConnectionAS2473AS2473AS2473-AS2473
Valve TypeType 10Type 10Type 10-Type 10
Gas Pressure18,000kPa/2400psi18,000kPa18,000kPa-18,000kPa

Safe Storage of Your Argon Gas Bottle

Compressed gas bottles are dangerous even when the contents are non-toxic. The risk relates to the pressure under which the gases are stored. The handling and storage of compressed gases in Australia are regulated by the standard AS4332.

Store your argon gas bottle in an upright position secured with non-abrasive straps or chains to prevent them from falling over. When your argon gas bottle is not in use, it should have valve protection. Store full and empty cylinders separately and mark them to avoid confusion. Close valves on any empty argon bottle and secure with a valve protector. Ensure that each argon bottle is properly rotated using a first in first out process

Keep the argon gas bottle away from walkways, stairs or forklift routes. Although argon is non-toxic, the storage area must be well-ventilated as a leak will result in the displacement of oxygen and a bad leak could result in asphyxiation.

It is best to locate gas storage in an outside cage, protected from the sun. Secure the storage area to protect against tampering. If your argon gas bottle store is inside you may have to install mechanical ventilation and exhaust in the building.

Keep any argon bottle away from hazardous chemicals. Corrosive chemicals could damage it, and flammable chemicals could cause a fire.

Safe Handling of Your Argon Gas Bottle

Always move an argon bottle with an argon bottle cart or another mechanical handling tool. Don’t lift the argon bottle by the valve or valve protector. Ensure that the protector cap is in place on the argon bottle before you transport it.

Any employees handling or transporting an argon bottle should wear safety shoes, gloves and eye protection.

Although argon gas is non-flammable and non-toxic, it is vital that you and your staff appreciate the importance of safe storage and handling of your argon bottles. A compressed gas bottle is dangerous when mishandled. Proper training can help ensure a safe work environment.

The welding gas experts at Argon Xpress, Perth, can help you with any questions you may have about argon gas. They can also supply you with an argon bottle to suit your needs.

Argon is used as an inert shielding gas in welding and other high-temperature industrial processes where ordinarily non-reactive substances become reactive. Its purpose is to protect the weld area from atmospheric gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapour. Depending on the materials being welded, these atmospheric gases can reduce the quality of the weld or make the welding more difficult. Argon is a colourless, odourless, non-flammable and non-toxic gas and is chemically inert.

We are able to sell cylinders outright. It makes sense for most clients to own their cylinder rather than pay rent! Rent quickly adds up, owning will save you money. No need for deposits and ongoing rental. Re-fills are done with a simple swap. We take your empty and give you a full one in return. When you purchase your cylinder or refill from Argon Xpress your cylinder is always in date.

Owning makes sense, from infrequent users all the way to large commercial clients. If you want Argon and Argon Mixes at the ready and plan to use your TIG Welder or MIG welder longer than a year, you should come out ahead and save ongoing costs! Smart buy and have the tools at the ready.

Argon “SpeedShield Argon”

Suitable for: Aluminium and Stainless Steel welding.

Suits: TIG welding and MIG welding of Aluminium and Stainless Steel.